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22 November 2007 @ 03:34 am
The most awesomely of awesomeness vampire books I have been following for years during middle school and highschool is gonna be made a movie! (well, awesome for me, since it's my style of novel lol I hate those stories with adults and blehh >< Kids being the main characters and kicking ass is how I like it lol And it's so not cute to see adults get all cute and corny lol Darren and Steve are going to be great!!!) I didn't even know till I read, i think it was KL-chan's journal. It will be based on the first three books, just like series of unfortunate events was. The children actors for Darren is Chris Kelly and for Steve is Josh Hutcherson. Adorable boys! But for Mr. Crepsley, not so good. *vomits* sorry. It's bad enough I have a sort of phobe for aduts, it's worse if they aren't tall, slender with long black hair lol Those are the only aduts I like! Explains why I like Sirius and Sanpe so much lol And Remus ans just adorable ♥. Getting back on track, it doesn't help since I have this fixed idea of Mr. Crepsley's appeareance. The same site I constantly direct people to for my most favorite Harry Potter fanarts since I was little, Fish Garden, also has Darren Shan fanarts if you look hard enough. I have never posted the fanarts on any sites or journals, just the link to the site, because it is the artist's wish for them not to be shown on other sites, and since I love this artist as a kid, I would never put up the arts.

Here is the link, although
The fanarts for The Saga Of Darren Sham / Cirque Du Freak is to the far right first section ダレン・シャン
In there you will see the Mr. Crepsley I always imagined. It will be hard for me to see Mr. Crepsley the same if that actor does indeed get the part.

Can't wait! ♥
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