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31 May 2023 @ 01:11 am

Hello and welcome to ONCE UPON A TIME...

This is a journal where you can find my collections of sketches, thoughts, drabbles, and whatever else I might toss here.

When you befriend me, you are accepting some rules I have placed here. If any rules are broken, our friendship will be broken and I will deal with you as I see fit. Even if you don't befriend me, please follow my rules.


1) Do not steal my artwork.

2) Ask permission by me if you would like to showcase or manipulate an art piece of mine.

3) When showcasing or manipulating my works, full credit is a must! I would like deviantart to be linked.


These rules aren't so hard to follow. It all pertains to respect for an artist. I hope you enjoy everything on this site, and please, be kind and curtious to me, others and yourself.

Tickles and Giggles,

- Viol3t

29 November 2007 @ 09:41 pm
blah blah blah
Actually, I want to introduce my MP3 rotation site. It will be he sister site of this one. They both had matching layouts except I changed the header for the rotation. So if you have, come take a look and snag some music. I put up whatever music I want, whenever I want. Just what I'm enjoying at the moment.

Bunii Love

lol I made one
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27 November 2007 @ 04:14 pm

I was hoping to get Sirius, Remus, or Luna (don't know if Remus and Luna are an option) But Snape's cool too.

Grandpa is in the hospital. He was just a block away from home when a guy caught him beneath the hill, of course, he didn't see him in time, and when he did he hit the breaks which is a huge no no. The car kept skidding down and ran my Grandpa over who was only on a motorcycle, definately not enough protection. He had on the new bike jumpsuit my Grandma bought him, while he slid across the street. The doctors said that's what saved him from having all his skin scraped off to try and keep infection from spreading and also, most burn victims die from that because they catch deseases anyways. They say he is stable. He hit his head hard, nearly cut of his cheek when his visor broke when he slammed into the pavement. His hip, ankle, wrists, I forgot what else is busted. He is going a few surguries to fix his face and other stuff. He is in a lot of pain and they said that since he is old, he will be in pain till the days he dies. My family loves him alot, since our grandparents are extremely close than you can get, so it's pretty quite now except when my mother is screaming and bashing me out. God I hate her so much. I don't need her crap more than I already get it. And I don't need my art teacher's crap either. Or anyone elses, I wished they'd all shut up. I'm really starting to feel like when I was, what, fourteen. When I hated just hearing people voices or the very air that passes by when they walk to near. -head band desk- OTL

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24 November 2007 @ 07:03 pm

My teacher said I did it all wrong lol But I didn't want to do what everyone else was doing >< And there's were all ugly, no offense lol So I'll be doing another one of these to get it right.

I just did this right now. Its what I'm wearing right now, and what I plan to be taking off in just a few mins.

This was a test with colors. I havn't named her yet. She's a doll Lani made for Erekiis. She's inspired by the doll/girl from the korean movie, The Doll Master. I heard they plan to make an American adaption for the movie? And that they weren't going to use dollfies but something along of like chuckies? I hope not >< The ball joints are so beautiful, it seems insulting not to use them. They made the movie beautiful ♥
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22 November 2007 @ 03:34 am
The most awesomely of awesomeness vampire books I have been following for years during middle school and highschool is gonna be made a movie! (well, awesome for me, since it's my style of novel lol I hate those stories with adults and blehh >< Kids being the main characters and kicking ass is how I like it lol And it's so not cute to see adults get all cute and corny lol Darren and Steve are going to be great!!!) I didn't even know till I read, i think it was KL-chan's journal. It will be based on the first three books, just like series of unfortunate events was. The children actors for Darren is Chris Kelly and for Steve is Josh Hutcherson. Adorable boys! But for Mr. Crepsley, not so good. *vomits* sorry. It's bad enough I have a sort of phobe for aduts, it's worse if they aren't tall, slender with long black hair lol Those are the only aduts I like! Explains why I like Sirius and Sanpe so much lol And Remus ans just adorable ♥. Getting back on track, it doesn't help since I have this fixed idea of Mr. Crepsley's appeareance. The same site I constantly direct people to for my most favorite Harry Potter fanarts since I was little, Fish Garden, also has Darren Shan fanarts if you look hard enough. I have never posted the fanarts on any sites or journals, just the link to the site, because it is the artist's wish for them not to be shown on other sites, and since I love this artist as a kid, I would never put up the arts.

Here is the link, although
The fanarts for The Saga Of Darren Sham / Cirque Du Freak is to the far right first section ダレン・シャン
In there you will see the Mr. Crepsley I always imagined. It will be hard for me to see Mr. Crepsley the same if that actor does indeed get the part.

Can't wait! ♥
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15 November 2007 @ 01:12 pm
I had a lot of fun with one of the deviations today at DA. You can too!

Dress Up!

I made these two. They are twin sorcerers. The girl, Anaka, is the younger of the two. She does most the fighting in battles and has two gardians. The furry purple dragon is Bibi and she create dream escapes for enemies, 'causeing them to daydream and loose focos in battle. The butterfly is Nigaiyo, he is a friend they made while he was caught in a monster Spider's web. They rescued him and now he assists in battle by transforming into huge wings and attaching himself to Anaka's back.
The boy, Yanaka is the older of the two. His magic isn't as strong but he is skillful in potion making. In his briefcase, he carries potions, antidotes, and pastes to help heal and cause damage to enemies. He has a shield given to him by a goblin clan. It is very strong and has never failed to shield the weaker brother during battle. His sister Anaka, enchanted one of his childhood dolls to be able to fight for him. Even though the doll Nonos, is small, He is effective in causing damage and does what he can to protect his playmate.

Hope ya'll try it out, it was fun ♥

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11 November 2007 @ 10:14 pm
I haven't written a poem in so long

These Things Are Kept Silent and Aren’t Ever Known

She  dresses so brightly,
It‘s utterly frightening.
Get your head out of the clouds,
And keep your feet on the ground.
These other ones disapprove and turn their heads,
She grew up on the lies you fed.
It’s what they say ‘She’s going nowhere fast’,
How long will this shit last?
It’s what is imposed,
Let her beauty unfold.
She catches colds while out dancing in the rain,
With that acrylic paint running in her veins.
They all play crack the sky,
While she screams and cries.
Little girl is fucked up,
Why doesn’t she just grow up.
She’s lost in that head of hers,
She can’t take any more of yours.
Get out from the stars,
It‘s all gone to far.
Ser her straight,
She will see how it is great.
This isn’t junior high,
Turn on the lights.
I hope you see, she’s not just to be used,
You all have left her dirty and bruised.
It is only you,
Who does not let her choose.
You say she is wrong to miscalculate,
Your driving her insane, it’s going to escalate.
Can’t you see how extraordinary she is,
Or is it only about how strange she is?
She feels the ecstasy in the passion,
You feel the bile of the deception.
It’s your world that is painted surreal,
And hers that is the ideal.

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10 November 2007 @ 11:58 pm

anyways, whatever.
Trying to think about what to blog about XD
Oh, I know, I'm going to write a short story.
Here is an image to go with the story.


This city of Ashton was a decaying mass of flesh and soul.
The laughter that once filled it was nowhere to be heard.
Bodies of the victims became flakes of ash, falling through the air and blanketing the city like snow.
There were no bugs, no birds.
No dogs, no cats.
Except for one cat. Yes, one cat did survive.
And one girl survived as well.
This little girl, Ashley, searched and searched for her family.
She had went to look for more jam in the cellar with her cat.
Together her and Ashe had searched the storage of her family's shoppe,
But before they found what they had been searching for,
She was knocked out cold and didn't remember what happened.
Only loud scary noises penetrated her thoughts.
And even though she could hear the fragments of memories, she could not see her mother, nor her father, nor her brothers.
Only her cat was found.
Not her family, not the neighbors, not the mailman, and not the little boy from school.
No one.
Ashley and Ashe walked the Ash cover streets of Ashton City.
This was a new world to the two.
A world where life no longer was.
Where the very air was suffocating.
Where the sky could not be seen.
Where everything was still.
Ashley carried Ashe and walked.
She kept on walking.
She knew she would not find her family.
But she kept on walking.
She wanted to find an end as well.
And end to all the grey,
An end to the suffocating air,
An end to dusty clouds,
An end to the still,
An end of the ash.
Ashley and Ashe were the only company of each other
The two walked the empty streets of Ashton City,
In hopes to leave this ash covered city,
For an end to it all.


This is Rain form The Brothers of The Flame. The quality is horrible, I have a MUCH better one if anyone wants it.

Oh, looky!
I made this one for you Bl3uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ♥
your naked lol
It's only spent on like 15 mins sorry ><

Sirius with wavy hair lol1

Snape without a beard (and on a plane) lol2
"That's It! I have had it with these fucking muggles on this fucking plane!"

Hermione without her two buck front teeth lol3

Harry Potter without his scar smack right in the middle of his forehead lol4

If you hate so many lols, too f'n bad


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09 November 2007 @ 11:12 pm

Head over to Kill Hannah's Myspace, a new song is up, Wrap myself around you!

I've only known Kill Hannah for about four years now and every year I have not made it to a New Heart for X-mas show because I don't live in their hometown Chicago. It says 5, so I'm guessing that's five years of the traditional show. I want to go this year! I also want to pick up a copy of Hope for the Hopeless. Only 400 copies available! It took an arm and a leg to get the albums I already have that are also no longer in print. ><

I need it! lol And I have to go!

Anyways, I'm feeling so much better. There are only dull pains that is a reminder to keep on drinking. It took me a week and some days just to be able to get to the physical state of walking around again and I'm happy to be back lol Today I missed school again, so no doubt I will be dropped from art. It guilts me because my professor and already dropped me but when she saw that I came back to school with all my work and a doctors note, she restated me, just last class. Now I miss class the very next class and I'm sure I've been a dissapointment and a hassle T.T

But oh well, Now I can be with Lauren during class or stick around and hang out in the classroom (rather be with Lauren ♥) So  yeah.


If you know a show called Foster's Home for Imginary Friends, This is Mac, the child who imagined Bloo.
Mac Attack lol

One of the days I was home, it was just my youngest brother, my daddy and I. I asked Nicky if he would paint with me and he did. This is what I painted and he'd rather you not see what he painted though I think it is quite well. He already has a better sense of perspective then I've seen in both highschool and college ♥

This is my little brother

And this is oekaki of him. 

EDIT :  Now looking a both fotos of my brother and I, I'm not sure we even look related. My hair is a darker brown than his with light strawberry highlights you can't see unless in the sun. His hair is curly and a lighter brown (which you can't see here and at the moment the picture was taken, he hadn't washed his hair >< It soft, fluffy and cute aftyer a wash ♥) He has a strong defined jaw line when mine is still round and childish. He has fuller lips than my thin ones which is totally unfair since I'm the girl. I think just our eye color is similar T.T  We both have green eyes but people hardly notice mine because I wear glasses. Which don't ask how that hides the color lol And he's way taller than me. I'm six years older and he's taller ><
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09 November 2007 @ 03:59 pm

I made a little movie in a sort of tribute to our pass dog, Dodger. He died by two tumors, one in his head and the other in his neck. In the course of one day, he suddenly became sick. He was vomiting and enduring many seizures. He became brain damaged and hardly recognized his family anymore. The next afternoon, we all decided to put him to sleep to end his suffering. This is in memory of Dodger.


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