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07 November 2007 @ 12:11 am
I have more computer time now being sick. And sooooooo... I just saw a clip while watching The Shot and it was that show where the dudes and chicks talk about what celebraties are having the best week ever with a humorous side. The clip I saw (I'm assuming the episode hasn't aired yet) was about how Dumbledore is gay. I loved it,. I'm not sure exactly but I think these were the lines:

(explaing to your children about how Dumbledore is gay, like the sex talk) 'Well you see, some boy wizards like other boy wizards and their wands meet. And there's magick. But no babies.'

lol I was laughing a lot. I tried to find the clip on youtube since it had me in such a giggle fest but I found this instead (assuming the episode hasn't aired yet)

I undersatnd some parents have trouble talking about it but come on, its not like they'll never know what being gay is all about and alot of kids are ok with it now then when are parents were younger. And its the parents complain anyways. I think the kids are alright with it, and I havn't heard a Harry Potter fan yet to be desturbed by the news. I think adults are blowing this way over themselves. But you know, that's just me voice. Mabey there are kids who just have their hearts broken by this and I just haven't heard them yet....lol

Anyways, meet the toes family.


I got to see the exhibit for Quing Liu while it was up. Really cool and an interesting take on her signature.

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07 November 2007 @ 01:49 am
Speaking of Harry Potter *crickets* My couples are Sirius/Harry (shota and mentor), Sirius/Lupin, (pretty much Sirius shagging all the guys lol but not as much as harry and remus.) Remus/Harry (strictly mentor. I can't see Remus in that way towards Harry) Severus/Harry (shota and mentor, mentor more). James/Severus, Sirius/Severus (haven't actaully seen much of that), James/Lily, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione. I know alot of people like the twincest for Fred and George, but I have a twin so that's out of the picture. Besides, we all know JK killed off Fred to stop it all lol j/k I don't like anything with interelations. I can see Sirius and Harry to be fine since their not blood related. Just ignore that James is watching and we'll be fine ><

awww This is Sirius and Harry. Harry got into bed with Sirius since he never remembered sleeping with his parents as a child. Since Sirius is still nervous from social interation after Azkaban Harry takes it as he is intruding on Sirius and makes to leave the bed to go to his own. There is an adorable scene where Sirius pulls Harry back and tells him he wants him there. After Harry asks Sirius to tell him stories about his parents, Harry falls asleep and Sirius kisses him goodnight ♥

This one also has Harry without his glasses but trust me, it's him. He's just been sleeping in both of these. This one is when Harry get poisened and while hes sleeping beneath a tree, Severus realizes Harry won't wake up. Severus slips a potion into his mouth to help him but Harry can't swallow it. Severus then fills his mouth with the potion and feeds it to Harry by mouth. As adorable as the scene is, it doesn't make sense because Harry should still not  be able to swallow it no matter how it is delivered into his mouth *giggles*

Here, Harry keeps having pains. The viewers realize it is whenever Severus acts as if he doesn't love Harry. But in the story, out characters (Harry and Severus) think it is a potion allergy lol They both think, 'can this be?" and shows a funny scene of both of them pointing to each other as they think they've figured it all out. Dunderheads lol
Can this be...potion allergy!!!! XD

This is an adorable one! It's a really pretty Severus and James. James just finished bulling Severus. Severus then gets bullied by other people. As James is watching it, he strangly becomes angry and comes to snape's rescue. After the bullies leave James tries to talk to Severus. James tries to get Severus closer to him by pulling his scarf which is the scene here. Severus get so frightned since James has always been a big meanie to him, that Severus doesn't see James advances as crushing but thinks James is trying to hurt him again. Poor Severus. Poor James lol While running, Severus falls and hurts his leg. James then carried a reluctant Snape. While arguing James drops Severus and ends up over Sanpe in the snow. Severus is again scared shitless but after a while they warm up and hug. It's so sweet. When Severus agrees to go out with James, we see a very happy James trailing the boy while he is expressionless. So cute!

I persoanlly like this one because of excessive Harry/Sirus/Remus time they get to spend together at their home when this is a Harry/Draco doujin. In here, Harry has a frightening dream where he kills Draco, his lover. Harry is desturbed about it and talks it over at breakfast with his gardians. The conversation leads to how Harry tells Remus he has *** with Draco everyday. Our poor little Sirius is extremely uncomfortable and can't think that his little innocent Harry baby is growing up. After deciding everyone needs a nap, they do kawa no ji. This scene is when Harry asks who is the mother lol I always thought of Remus as the mother, but usually he's more rational than Sirius. But mabey that's a mother quality lol daddies are silly. they take their nap while Harry listens to Sirius' moro love songs and enjoys it very much

lol there's my dump. Going to bed >< I'll be busy being in unbearable pain while at school >< (god, help me)
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