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10 November 2007 @ 11:58 pm

anyways, whatever.
Trying to think about what to blog about XD
Oh, I know, I'm going to write a short story.
Here is an image to go with the story.


This city of Ashton was a decaying mass of flesh and soul.
The laughter that once filled it was nowhere to be heard.
Bodies of the victims became flakes of ash, falling through the air and blanketing the city like snow.
There were no bugs, no birds.
No dogs, no cats.
Except for one cat. Yes, one cat did survive.
And one girl survived as well.
This little girl, Ashley, searched and searched for her family.
She had went to look for more jam in the cellar with her cat.
Together her and Ashe had searched the storage of her family's shoppe,
But before they found what they had been searching for,
She was knocked out cold and didn't remember what happened.
Only loud scary noises penetrated her thoughts.
And even though she could hear the fragments of memories, she could not see her mother, nor her father, nor her brothers.
Only her cat was found.
Not her family, not the neighbors, not the mailman, and not the little boy from school.
No one.
Ashley and Ashe walked the Ash cover streets of Ashton City.
This was a new world to the two.
A world where life no longer was.
Where the very air was suffocating.
Where the sky could not be seen.
Where everything was still.
Ashley carried Ashe and walked.
She kept on walking.
She knew she would not find her family.
But she kept on walking.
She wanted to find an end as well.
And end to all the grey,
An end to the suffocating air,
An end to dusty clouds,
An end to the still,
An end of the ash.
Ashley and Ashe were the only company of each other
The two walked the empty streets of Ashton City,
In hopes to leave this ash covered city,
For an end to it all.


This is Rain form The Brothers of The Flame. The quality is horrible, I have a MUCH better one if anyone wants it.

Oh, looky!
I made this one for you Bl3uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ♥
your naked lol
It's only spent on like 15 mins sorry ><

Sirius with wavy hair lol1

Snape without a beard (and on a plane) lol2
"That's It! I have had it with these fucking muggles on this fucking plane!"

Hermione without her two buck front teeth lol3

Harry Potter without his scar smack right in the middle of his forehead lol4

If you hate so many lols, too f'n bad


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