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11 November 2007 @ 10:14 pm
I haven't written a poem in so long

These Things Are Kept Silent and Aren’t Ever Known

She  dresses so brightly,
It‘s utterly frightening.
Get your head out of the clouds,
And keep your feet on the ground.
These other ones disapprove and turn their heads,
She grew up on the lies you fed.
It’s what they say ‘She’s going nowhere fast’,
How long will this shit last?
It’s what is imposed,
Let her beauty unfold.
She catches colds while out dancing in the rain,
With that acrylic paint running in her veins.
They all play crack the sky,
While she screams and cries.
Little girl is fucked up,
Why doesn’t she just grow up.
She’s lost in that head of hers,
She can’t take any more of yours.
Get out from the stars,
It‘s all gone to far.
Ser her straight,
She will see how it is great.
This isn’t junior high,
Turn on the lights.
I hope you see, she’s not just to be used,
You all have left her dirty and bruised.
It is only you,
Who does not let her choose.
You say she is wrong to miscalculate,
Your driving her insane, it’s going to escalate.
Can’t you see how extraordinary she is,
Or is it only about how strange she is?
She feels the ecstasy in the passion,
You feel the bile of the deception.
It’s your world that is painted surreal,
And hers that is the ideal.

Current Music: Brand New