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09 November 2007 @ 11:12 pm
Hope for the Hopeless  

Head over to Kill Hannah's Myspace, a new song is up, Wrap myself around you!

I've only known Kill Hannah for about four years now and every year I have not made it to a New Heart for X-mas show because I don't live in their hometown Chicago. It says 5, so I'm guessing that's five years of the traditional show. I want to go this year! I also want to pick up a copy of Hope for the Hopeless. Only 400 copies available! It took an arm and a leg to get the albums I already have that are also no longer in print. ><

I need it! lol And I have to go!

Anyways, I'm feeling so much better. There are only dull pains that is a reminder to keep on drinking. It took me a week and some days just to be able to get to the physical state of walking around again and I'm happy to be back lol Today I missed school again, so no doubt I will be dropped from art. It guilts me because my professor and already dropped me but when she saw that I came back to school with all my work and a doctors note, she restated me, just last class. Now I miss class the very next class and I'm sure I've been a dissapointment and a hassle T.T

But oh well, Now I can be with Lauren during class or stick around and hang out in the classroom (rather be with Lauren ♥) So  yeah.


If you know a show called Foster's Home for Imginary Friends, This is Mac, the child who imagined Bloo.
Mac Attack lol

One of the days I was home, it was just my youngest brother, my daddy and I. I asked Nicky if he would paint with me and he did. This is what I painted and he'd rather you not see what he painted though I think it is quite well. He already has a better sense of perspective then I've seen in both highschool and college ♥

This is my little brother

And this is oekaki of him. 

EDIT :  Now looking a both fotos of my brother and I, I'm not sure we even look related. My hair is a darker brown than his with light strawberry highlights you can't see unless in the sun. His hair is curly and a lighter brown (which you can't see here and at the moment the picture was taken, he hadn't washed his hair >< It soft, fluffy and cute aftyer a wash ♥) He has a strong defined jaw line when mine is still round and childish. He has fuller lips than my thin ones which is totally unfair since I'm the girl. I think just our eye color is similar T.T  We both have green eyes but people hardly notice mine because I wear glasses. Which don't ask how that hides the color lol And he's way taller than me. I'm six years older and he's taller ><
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Current Music: Kill Hannah - Wrap Myself Around You
Bleuaud_panda on November 10th, 2007 09:23 pm (UTC)
awww so happy your alive <3 lol your brother is growing up so fast!!
itaikeitaike on November 10th, 2007 09:44 pm (UTC)
lol he sure it >< XD