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27 November 2007 @ 04:14 pm

I was hoping to get Sirius, Remus, or Luna (don't know if Remus and Luna are an option) But Snape's cool too.

Grandpa is in the hospital. He was just a block away from home when a guy caught him beneath the hill, of course, he didn't see him in time, and when he did he hit the breaks which is a huge no no. The car kept skidding down and ran my Grandpa over who was only on a motorcycle, definately not enough protection. He had on the new bike jumpsuit my Grandma bought him, while he slid across the street. The doctors said that's what saved him from having all his skin scraped off to try and keep infection from spreading and also, most burn victims die from that because they catch deseases anyways. They say he is stable. He hit his head hard, nearly cut of his cheek when his visor broke when he slammed into the pavement. His hip, ankle, wrists, I forgot what else is busted. He is going a few surguries to fix his face and other stuff. He is in a lot of pain and they said that since he is old, he will be in pain till the days he dies. My family loves him alot, since our grandparents are extremely close than you can get, so it's pretty quite now except when my mother is screaming and bashing me out. God I hate her so much. I don't need her crap more than I already get it. And I don't need my art teacher's crap either. Or anyone elses, I wished they'd all shut up. I'm really starting to feel like when I was, what, fourteen. When I hated just hearing people voices or the very air that passes by when they walk to near. -head band desk- OTL

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